Selasa, 29 Desember 2015


kalau sampai waktuku,
tak ku mau seorang kan mengganggu.
Pun itu Kau.

Allah SWT selalu menempatkan hamba-Nya pada tempat yang tepat.
Kesulitan menghasilkan kekuatan.

Mereka yang "mungkin" menurut kita jutek, suka kritik, ga nganggep kita, dll adalah orang yang memang di ciptakan untuk lebih menguatkan kita, tapi bukan berarti berlebihan menjadi sombong, menjadikan diri lebih lebih lebih baik lagi.

Positive thinking, work hard, study hard, pray hard and play hard. Dan lihat apa yang terjadi.

(Terima kasih untuk teman yang mendukung saya berani mempublikasi tulisan, you are my...........) *no baper

Role of Food Technology and Nutrition In Public Health

(Review Article)
Role of food began when Lavoisier and his wife found that there was burning process in the body while human eating. The lastest finding of Alchemist which is used in principle of food is “Hunting and Gathering Food”. Functional foods are foods that encompass potentially healthful products (modified food or ingredient) that may provide a health benefit beyond the traditional nutrients it contains. Different food provide different calorie for human need, depend on culture, for example rice, cassava, potato, corn, sagoo, wheet, etc.
Developing various of food needs technology that can prevent or treat any diseases. Food fortification is defined as the addition of one or more nutrients to one or more commonly consumed foods or food mixture that can, if properly introduced and controlled improve the dietary intake of a given population, for example fortification vitamin D and E in sugar (Guatemala) prevent blindness and ricketsia. The key roles of food fortification are (1) consumed by majority of people; (2) have a huge people with small toxic effect; (3) acceptable. In addition stable of process and also using cheap food source are important.
In public health concern, it is important to maintain energy balance (related with obesity). Hunting-gathering food and human like sweet thing cause high consumption of fat in world wide. These problem can solve by fat replacing, using protein, olestra and using sweeteners. Some study also found increasing metabolic rate, energy density and satiety have an important role for increasing risk of obesity. Some foods can provide same calorie with different amounts (weight) of food. Energy density is depend on glycemix index (GI), low GI in breakfast is potentially reduce calorie intake along day. GI also influence in satiety, foods that contain high GI give low satiety, therefore make people want to eat them more and more. Less of food intake will make GI tract to release satiety signals to brain then the brain will give signal to increasing food intake as respons. Another factor is the way of eating, for example using chopstick can make eating become longer. Chewing more slowly can increase enzyme to digest. This show that there is an association of oral process, texture of food and mouth and calorie intake.
Not only for control obesity, functional food can prevent some disease. Another functional food, Tumeric Rhizoma, that contains curcumin can reduce dementia prevalence in India. Therefore further studies still need to examine different anatomy and physiological related with behaviour and diseases, especially nutrient for woman. Overall we can conclude: (1) food technology has a major contribution in food variety;(2) fortified food can make compromised nutrient status in large segment;(3)addition nutrient into food by food technology;(4) food technology produced food with spesific and functional nutrients;(5) new innovation in food technology will improve health and nutrition in population.